Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Mysterious Crystal Skull found in Lubantun, Belize

The crystal skull found in Lubantun made by the Ancient Mayas centries ago.It is almost life-sized skull, which was sold to London's British Museum in 1897, was thought to have been a relic from the Aztec civilisation in Mexico.Scientist say that a skull that big will take 200 years to make it with the technology of the ancient mayas. the skulls is believed to be between 5,000 and 36,000 years old. As you know guys my college were i am studing is 3 miles away from the ruin where they actually found the crystal skull. It was found in the "MAYA TEMPLE"called Lubantun were I have been there several times. Tumul kin Center of Learning, makes Maya ceremonies to celebrate the maya tradition not only that but to continue the tradition of the mayas identity.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Picture of us Planting

The Tradition of Planting Corn

The tradition of planting corn is that in the olden days when our ancestors planted corn, before they plant corn they have to watch at the moon. When it is quarter moon it is a good time to plant corn in your farm. So if you plant corn when the moon is not in quarter you will not have a good production. When preparing the piece of land that you will plant your corn our ancestors did not do slash and burn they do" Mata Ambre" means that they cut down the trees were they will plant their corn and they do not burn the trees that are already cut in the land because in tradition/culture if you burn the land they say it takes away the good source of nutrients that is inside the soil and at the end you will not have a good production. Also in the culture only the men go to plant corn besides that the women stay to cook food for their husbands. As well the men do not eat before they go to plant corn. So at the end of there plantation they do a short refection or prayer to ask god to send rain.

Thursday, April 10, 2008


Tumul kin events coming this weekend is the chaj chaj maya ball game and as well the open day or the Maya day celebrating our identity. By the way Akutan FM will be sharing the latest news hear at Tumul kin center of Learning. In the Open day all the students will be sharing the process in their agriculture events and an there intropunutrial issues. for that day they will have the finals for the marimba competition. the bands included in the competition will be the Pop's band,Kanti band from santa cruz, bigfalls band and so on. also there will be lots of competitions like the tortilla competition, grissy pole, grinding corn, dance competition and much more. so guys for some forward news if you want to do a selling place in boot you have to pay ten dollars for a boot. also the students from tumul kin selvin,luis,agustine,diego,samson,angel,sebastian and other student will be presenting the fire ball game so if you guys want to see it just come for the open day at tumul kin in blue creek Toledo.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Hi who iam

Hi my name is DanielRosado I am thirteen years of age. I live in Belize I am from Cayo district in Benque viejo del Carmen. I am going to collage in Toledo District in blue creek village at the institute of Tumul kin Center of Learning. By the way Tumul kin is a bilingual education center by innovating the students as there identity. so make surew to sign in again to hear my stories about me i hope you enjoy my stories.